Wisconsin Residents Call 911 Over 'Dead' Sunbathers Lying on Grass

Wisconsin Residents Call 911 Over 'Dead' Sunbathers Lying on Grass from dailymotion by Geo Beats
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Terrified Wisconsin residents call 911 over 'dead' sunbathers in the grass.

A nice, sunny day outside may mean more activity for emergency call operators.

Dispatchers at the emergency call center in Dane County, Wisconsin recently got a whole slew of baffling phone calls from concerned residents.

People were reportedly dialing 911 to report that there were many humans lying on public grass in Madison not moving. Essentially a bunch of differing witnesses believed they were seeing dead people.

The resting people, ofcourse, were not deceased and simply sunbathing.

However, the multiple phone calls caused a 911 dispatcher to speak to a local news outlet stating - “Please tell cellphone users that people lying in the grass are not necessarily dead.”

There seems to be a reason for the overly paranoid callers. Just one day before the quote, unquote dead sunbathers made an appearance, an electronic road construction sign in Madison had displayed the phrase “Zombies Ahead”.

It turned out to be a hoax, carried out by an unidentified prankster who hacked into the message board. Evidently, residents were still a little spooked and extra cautious the following day.