Trey Gowdy blasts IRS contractor & Deputy IRS comissh over use of homophobic slurs

Trey Gowdy blasts IRS contractor & Deputy IRS comissh over use of homophobic slurs from youtube by LSUDVM
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House Oversight held a hearing today exploring the $500 million government contracts awarded to a computer company by the IRS. The company used benefits for veterans and the close association between the owner of the company and an IRS official to secure the contracts.

Greg Roseman , a Deputy IRS Director, spearheaded the awarding of the IRS's largest contract in history to a company owned by a close friend of his, an action that is prohibited under government contracting regulations.

The company is Strong Castle, Inc., owned by Braulio Castillo. Castillo won several contracts totaling almost $500 million for IRS IT services in part on the basis of his friendship with Roseman and by qualifying for two minority programs that allow disadvantaged applicants a better chance of winning lucrative government contracts.

As evidence of their close friendship, the committee published text messages between Roseman and Castillo. The two men apparently found kinship in using homophobic slurs. One exchange reads, "Paging Dr. Faggot." The response reads, "Queerbait. How come u haven't called back? Ain't got all day. Lol."

Roseman is still employed by the IRS. That fact prompted a testy exchange between Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC) and Beth Tucker, the IRS's Deputy Commissioner for Operations Support.

"Can you issue a statement by five o'clock today as to how someone who used this language in their official capacity as a government employee is still employed and drawing a paycheck?" Gowdy asked. "We are having discussions with our general counsel," Tucker responded.