The Watchtower does NOT want you to see this video - The name Jehovah is FALSE! -

The Watchtower does NOT want you to see this video - The name Jehovah is FALSE! - from youtube by TheScrewedGeneration
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In 1969, the Watchtower published a reference book called "Aid to Bible Understanding." On pages 884 and 885 they explain that the Jews used to insert the vowels of "Adonai" into the Tetragrammaton "YHWH" to remember to say Lord (Adonai) instead of God's name while reading the sacred texts. The two words put together read: "Yehowah." In the year 1270 a Dominican Spanish monk by the name of Raymundus Martin published a book called "Pugeo Fidei" in which he wrote in the latinized form of "Yehowah" as "Jehovah". He was the first to do so.

Today, the Watchtower will only tell you part of the facts. They won't tell you that Raymundus misread 2 words as one. In other words that Jehovah is a mistake. They will tell you that vowel points were inserted to try to find the correct pronunciation of God's name.

The Watchtower soon realized the error they had made by publishing this information and quickly replaced "Aid to Bible understanding" by an other work called "Insight on the Scriptures, Vol. 1 & 2," © 1988 in which they removed that entire explanation.

The mention of the book is also not available on the Watchtower CD Rom when searching for Raymundus Martini. Therefoire, Jehovah's witnesses continue to believe the lie that Jehovah is really God's name and the explanation that Jehovah is the English renderring of Yahweh when in truth, Jehovah is the LATINIZED form of a mistaken understanding of Hebrew practices of ancient times.

If Jehovah's witnesses would know this then the entire religion would fall appart since they wear a false name since 1931 and give witness to that false name wherever they go.

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