Best Supported Dog: Free Willie

Best Supported Dog: Free Willie from youtube by Nest
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"We got our puppy Carmine at 8 weeks old and gave him his own room for training purposes. He was in timeout one evening while we were in another room. We later heard him barking from the kitchen. We were concerned how he got out of his room. We were concerned someone broke into our home. Thankfully we were able to look back into our awesome Nest Cam, to see that Carmine saw something alarming outside, and decided to leap over the gate, a gate that was much bigger than him. He almost didn't make it, but made sure he gave that extra kick at the end. If it wasn't for our nest product, we would've never known! We now have another Nest Cam we keep in another part of our home, and have found some funny things happen, but nothing that tops this gem!" - 2017 Nestie Nominee