10 WORST Crush EMERGENCIES and How to Deal: Back to School 2016 DIY Hacks, Kylie Cosmetics Giveaway

10 WORST Crush EMERGENCIES and How to Deal: Back to School 2016 DIY Hacks, Kylie Cosmetics Giveaway from youtube by Ask Kimberly
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As a therapist and a girl myself, I know that we all go through crush EMERGENCIES. What is a crush emergency? It's a situation where everything is going fine, until you have a shocking realization -- whether you forgot deodorant, fight an awkward silence, or realize you have bad breath right before you see your crush.

So how do you deal for back to school 2016? I've come up with 10 DIY Hacks to help you deal with these tough situations - so whether you're in a relationship with a boyfriend or girlfriend, have a crush, like someone at school or are just trying to impress someone, here are the best little tricks to tide you over.

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Dr Kimberly is a relationship therapist with a doctoral degree in Psychology, not a medical doctor and does not claim to give medical advice. If you need psychological or health care services, or if you're concerned that one of these hacks won't work for you, always consult your physician or seek medical advice.

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Hello, everybody. I hope you are all having an amazing week. So, as girls, we have all had situations, whether at school or at work that have ruined important dates for us. Maybe we’re going to see our crush, or hang out with that, and everything’s going super well. But then, disaster strikes. Or at least, in that moment, it feels like a disaster because we really want to put our best foot forward. I’m compiling the top 10 crush emergencies, and giving you guys the best DIY hacks on how to deal.
If you are new to Ask Kimberly, welcome to the club. Everybody is welcome. My subscribers know that I love you guys. So, I am doing yet another giveaway this week. This giveaway is so good, you guys. It’s for something that I know all of you want. It is a Kylie Cosmetics Lip Kit in my favorite shade, Love Bite. Every girl needs her signature gloss to perfect her pucker, and this could be yours. All you have to do to enter the giveaway is be subscribed to this channel, Ask Kimberly here on YouTube, and follow me on Instagram here. And the winner will be announced on October 15th.

Okay, so number 9 is so awful. You are talking to your crush. It’s going so well, like the birds are singing and it’s just like the best day of your life. And then, there’s an awkward silence. So, what do you do in this super awkward situation? The best way to prevent awkward silences is actually just to deflect questions. Either ask questions, or you can build on what the person has already told you to ask new questions. But the point is, you don’t want to have open silence going on for a long period of time when you’re talking to your crush. That being said though, you guys, a long awkward silence can be an indicator that your crush just isn’t into you, because they’re not actually trying to keep that conversation going. So, if you think that might be the case, it might be wise of you to actually see if they’re going to come up with anything else to say. And that will give you some clues on whether or not they’re really into you.
Okay, guys. So, we’ve made it here. Number 10 on my list of awkward, embarrassing crush emergencies is really common. I think every girl has experienced this. So, you’re wearing like a really cute skirt or a pair of shorts. And you look down and you realize that you totally forgot to shave your legs that day. While this isn’t the end of the world, in crush land, it can feel embarrassing. Because ideally, you want to feel as good as you can possibly feel if you’re interacting with your crush, or if you’re on a date. So, I kind of get why this one can feel humiliating if you forget. But what do you actually do in this situation? Like, once you’ve left the house, it’s too late.
Well, here’s a DIY that’s been going around for centuries. Actually, using a really creamy lotion can minimize the appearance of roughness of your legs and arms. So now, the human eye is going to be fixated on the contours of your legs and the areas where they’re shiny, as opposed to focusing in on the areas you forgot to shave.
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